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Roy's Round Up

Telework bill isn't 'grandstanding'

Telework - working online from home - is a huge opportunity to decentralise government departments and create employment in regional NSW. I’ve drafted a Bill, that would require the State Government to assess more than 300,000 public sector positions for suitability for teleworking.

Last week the Deputy Premier dismissed these efforts to get more jobs to the bush as 'grandstanding'. 



We should be concerned about population

There is one unarguable metric that defines success of Government - population. Bums on seats in regional communities.

This metric transcends every other data set, including announcements around how much “record investment’ has been made in a given area.

The NSW Population projections gathered by Government are used in the planning of services and infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, transport and community services. We should be concerned about the projections for Barwon. 


Update on Barwon Black Spots 

Since putting the call out to Barwon for information on Mobile Black Spots responses have been rolling in. 

A number of people have also got in contacted confused about why I am gathering this information when responsibility for telecommunications sits with the Federal Government. 

It comes back to a $400 million pot of money the NSW Government announced in the lead up to the 2019 Election. 

Check out the areas reported to me, and get in contact if you have anywhere to add. 


Domestic violence rates are extremely concerning

Across the Barwon electorate, the statistics around incidents of domestic violence are extremely concerning. The rate of domestic violence assaults in western NSW is 3.6 times the state average. 

Across the west there is a chronic shortage of crisis accommodation, and long term secure accommodation.

There are a number of fantastic organisations and individuals in our communities that are working incredibly hard but they fight tooth and nail for funding. And it’s often the frontline workers that are forced to write grant application after grant application while they assist people in their time of need- which is an unacceptable situation.  


Nominate a woman who makes your community a better place to live

The Hidden Treasures Honour Roll recognises the outstanding efforts of women volunteers in NSW and promotes the valuable role of volunteering to the community.

You can nominate a friend, family member, colleague, community worker - any rural woman who you believe makes your community a better place to live.

To nominate simply complete the Nomination Form and complete a short 'story' about why your nominee is worthy. All rural women nominated will be included in the 2020 Honour Roll.

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