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Wean Races

Wean Races are an annual event. The Wean Picnic Race day is a family friendly day that caters for all parts of the community. It is also living history, being one of the last bush picnics.

Since 1933, the Wean Amateur Picnic Races has been one of the historic meeting places of North West NSW. As more and more Picnic clubs from that era pass into history, it is also one of the few functioning examples left of how previous generations used to entertain themselves.

Set in a magnificent bush location, away from any major centre, faithfully maintained as built, it is a wonderful piece of living history. The remarkable thing about Wean, is that, even after all this time, it is still performing the purpose it was built for. As a great day out, for family and friends alike.
Wean has always been a favoured destination for tour buses and aircraft. With a breathtaking bush setting, spacious grounds, its own landing strip and a jovial and festive atmosphere, it is one of Australia ’s living historical icons.

The workings of the club have not changed since its creation. The committee is voluntary only, giving a tremendous amount of its time to prepare the race course grounds, along with all the “paperwork” that is required to run a race meeting, especially these days. There is also a tremendous amount of effort that goes into promotion . Wean is an “amateur” club, and that really is true. The majority of the committee have no involvement with horse racing apart from the race day, and yet they do a magnificent job, presenting the grounds as immaculately as they can, ensuring that the mechanics such as parking, bar service and food supply run smoothly, and most importantly of all, ensuring that the atmosphere is as welcoming and friendly today as it was on the first race day in 1933. It takes 4 months to prepare the course for race day.

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