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Boggabri Historical Museum
Kate Schwager

Boggabri Historical Museum

This fascinating timepiece found in Boggabri’s second Main Street, Brent St, traces Boggabri’s evolution, housing ever-changing exhibits of precious memorabilia, past and present. With three main streets and the town’s relocation due to flood, Boggabri is a truly dynamic town.

The museum complex houses exhibits of precious memorabilia donated by Boggabri’s residents, past and present. Of particular interest is the old schoolhouse, set up to resemble a classroom of yesteryear.

For those researching family history, the volunteers at the museum are sure to be able to help you dig up some interesting relics of your past (to say nothing of the relatives!).

A self walk Heritage Trail reveals many interesting highlights of the progress through history since Boggabri’s early beginnings. A brochure is available at the museum in Brent St or the Visitor Information Centre in Narrabri.

The Boggabri Men's Shed is run from the site of the Boggabri Historical Museum. It is open from 9am to 12pm Thursdays and Saturdays. Visitors Welcome.

For Directions see map below.

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