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The Major Types of Litter (And What You Can Do About It)

Julian Parsons 0 4533 Article rating: 5.0

With environmental health becoming a major topic of discussion around the globe, more and more people want to find out what they can do to influence change. This is definitely a crucial question to raise too. 

Each passing day sees improvements being made in different areas, yet how can the ordinary person help?

5 Simple Habits For a Long and Happy Marriage

Relationship rules you can apply today

Julian Parsons 0 17438 Article rating: 3.7

Are you happy in your marriage?

Certain habits will either make or break your relationship. 

Many people, however, only learn how to co-exist with their spouses after they get into a marriage. Making an effort to establish healthy boundaries and habits before getting into a relationship can be the difference between a sad and happy marriage.